Does your child have a habit of sucking their thumb? Thumb sucking is a common issue with kids. Thumb sucking can be aggressive or mild. It is an involuntary habit your child develops and you may find it difficult to break. Sometimes parents wonder whether it is a good thing or bad. Thumb sucking is certainly an unhealthy oral habit. It is essential to break the habit before it starts interfering with the position of the teeth.

Many parents come up with the problem that they are unable to break the habit of the kids even after trying a lot.

If you want to stop the habit of thumb sucking, understand why kids do it. Understanding will help you to break the unhealthy habit of thumb sucking and prevent it from recurring. So let us get started.

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Why Do Children Suck Their Thumbs?

Infants have instincts and reflexes that root them in sucking. It is beneficial when the baby needs feeding. With a prolonged routine of sucking, the kids develop a habit of sucking thumbs or fingers.

Babies have an emotional and physical connection with thumb sucking.

It is a way they feel secure or soothing. Sometimes, kids have a habit of sucking their thumbs at night so that they can go to sleep. It is a coping therapy a child develops unknowingly.

For How Long Thumb Suckign Issues Stay?

Usually, kids stop thumb sucking on their own. But sometimes, they cannot. According to the pediatric dentist, a child might continue thumb sucking for more than 7 to 8 months. The problem arises when the child is 3 or 4 years old and still has a habit of thumb sucking.

When Is The Right Time To Intervene?

Thumb sucking does not pose any threat to the oral health of your child until the permanent teeth try to set in. It is essential to put a stop to this habit before the budding of the permanent teeth. It is the time when the teeth develop a position in the jaws. The roots of the teeth are lining up one after another in a perfect alignment. Due to thumb sucking, the teeth cannot gain a position in a staright line. The permanent teeth may come out in crowded form, gaping, and another misalignment. Moreover, there is a high risk of dental infections due to thumb sucking. The severity of the dental problem will depend on the intensity and frequency of thumb sucking.

Expert dentists recommend addressing the issue of thumb sucking before the child turns 3. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, effective dental treatment for children is available only till the age of 5. You must put a stop to the habit of thumb sucking before that. If not, your child has to endure various dental problems.

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What Should You Do To Stop The Thumb Sucking Habit?

If your child has attained the age of 3, you can talk to them. Explain the disadvantages of thumb sucking and the dental issues it will cause n the future. It will help you to put a stop to the thumb-sucking habit of your child.

It is a better way to make them understand the significance of oral hygiene and follow good dental habits.

Sometimes, expert dentists suggest that paying no attention to the thumb sucking issue can help in stopping the behavior.

If you find that ignoring the issues is not doing any good, use other techniques.

  • Apply Positive Reinforcement: You must praise or appreciate your kid with small treats when he obeys you. You can do the same when the kid is maintaining proper oral hygiene. You can set some attainable goals including oral habits. Maintain a calendar when your child stops thumb sucking.
  • Identify The Problems That Leads To Thumb Sucking: Thumb sucking happens when the child feels scared or afraid of something. You can eliminate such things from the house. Bring in positive vibes so that your child remains happy.
  • Set Reminders To Stop Thumb Sucking: Don’t try to shout or scold your child. Set some gentle reminders and let your child put a stop to it willingly. Forcing the child may turn out to be a worse problem.
  • Summary:

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