Having children is great, but it has its peculiarities. Children are precious and require a lot of attention, focus, and intentionality to raise them. While you are taking care of their growth, you begin to observe changes in their health and behavior. This is why you must give it a good thought before getting yourself involved in it.

One of the observations you may notice in your child is in their oral health. Almost every vital change that occurs in your child comes with a bit of disturbance for the child and you as the parent because you are noticing it for the first time. So you will be seeking answers to it and possible solutions to the problem. In some cases, you may be trying to understand what the problem is.

These changes that occur in a growing child could be teeth eruption, changes in skin color, the child’s first step, etc. There are several dental problems that children are faced with. These problems are common with kids. The good news is that we have professionals that specialize in the treatment of those oral problems. We have the best dentists in Weston, Florida who are prompt to identify the problems in kids and also offer a suitable treatment plan for them.

Common Dental Problems in Kids

There are many dental problems that plague children as they grow. These problems are:

1. Jaw misalignment or Jaw Pain

This is one of the problems that kids face while growing up. You may find your kid rubbing their cheeks or jaw. Sometimes they voice out their pains and their inability to chew well. These are typical signs of a misaligned bite. A misaligned bite causes discomfort in your child. It does not only disrupt their eating, but it also affects their breath, sleep, and their speech.

It is that bad. This is why it is advised to always take your kid to meet with a toddler dentist in Weston to examine their teeth as they erupt for proper alignment. Jaw misalignment is responsible for; under-bite, overbite, crossbite, and open bite. The good news is that there is a treatment for all these misalignments.

2. Teeth loss

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This is so common amongst kids. This is most common among kids from ages four to eight years. Due to the sweetened food, snack or drinks they indulge themselves with, they become exposed to bacteria in the teeth. These bacteria attack their weak teeth, which are still forming, and in the long run, they end up losing their teeth from any little pressure it comes in contact with. There are also prescriptions or, better put, restorative treatments that will help make up for lost teeth, and the kids’ dentist will also give you a treatment plan that will help prevent any further teeth loss from re-occurring.

3. Cavities

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They are most prominent in kids. They are also known as caries or tooth decay. They are caused by food; starchy foods, and sweetened foods. These foods mixed with the bacteria that are contained in your saliva become acidic to the teeth. They go down into the roots of the teeth, creating holes and pits in them. These cavities can be treated like every other oral problem as well.

4. Sensitive Teeth

There is a way you will stress so much on tooth decay, and the remedy for it to be; maintaining healthy oral hygiene, which includes brushing regularly. Your child who may be trying to prevent tooth decay may indulge in brushing, and he or she may not do it properly. Some kids have the mindset that if they exert a certain amount of pressure while brushing, they will save themselves from the possibility of tooth decay.

This act is harmful to their teeth, and it eventually leads to sensitive teeth. This is why most kids feel pain once they consume cold, hot, or well-seasoned food or drink. Although, tooth decay or injury on the tooth all causes sensitive teeth. Not to worry though, they too can be treated by the best toddler dentist in Weston.

5. Bad Breath

This is yet another common dental problem in kids. Most kids suffer from bad breath. This is a result of poor oral hygiene. Some parents failed in cleaning their children’s tongues, teeth and gum while they were growing up. Even as they grew to become to-doers and got past that age, they had little or no supervision. They were not monitored on how to brush their teeth and gums. This is what is responsible for the child’s bad breath. This, however, can be treated too.

Dental Treatments for Children

There are several dental treatments that soothe each dental problem in children. As a parent, it is recommended that you get a kids dentist for your child or children. Right from when their teeth begin to erupt, you are to begin their dental journey then, so you will have an idea of what to expect for your child. The pediatrician will be able to tell if the child’s teeth are doing just fine, or they can recommend a treatment plan for the child to fix their bite issues.

1. Braces

One treatment plan for jaw misalignment is the use of braces. Braces are used to solve bite issues. Issues like under-bite, open bite, crossbites, and the rest. Braces are designed to fit the individual requesting the treatment. A scan will be carried out on the teeth to help the dentist identify what type of misalignment is involved. Braces can be in plastic form or iron, depending on what you want and can afford.

2. Tooth Filling

This is another type of treatment plan for your child’s dental problem. This is done in the case of tooth loss or cavities. You are aware that cavities, when left untreated, can result in the removal of the affected tooth. If this is the case for your child, then a tooth filling will be recommended by the kids’ dentist. You will be asked to choose the kind of tooth filling that will be carried out on your child; whether you will go for the stainless tooth filling or another type of restorative treatment for the child.

3. Healthy Oral Hygiene

This is the remedy for bad breath, cavities, and sensitive teeth. This treatment recommendation can not be overemphasized. If the child involved was supervised and properly taught how to maintain healthy oral hygiene, that child would not be needing a remedy for his or her oral health. Proper oral hygiene like; not brushing the teeth at least twice a day, no regular flossing of the teeth, consuming excess sweetened meals and snacks, skipping routine dental checkups, etc. If you can see to it that your child maintains healthy oral hygiene, then the treatment the child would be made to undergo will last for a long time.


Dental problems are common in kids. It is not a strange occurrence, however, it can be prevented. This is why, for a start, see to it that your child visits a dentist. Have a dentist assigned to your child that will be responsible for the child’s oral health examination and treatment. Secondly, monitor the oral hygiene of your child. Do not assume that they know, watch and teach them how to care for their teeth.