Parents are always cautious about their child’s health. They will take all the measures to ensure that their child is physically, mentally, and emotionally healthy. But are you overlooking the oral health of your child?

Parents have various concerns, but that usually does not include their baby’s oral health. You come to think of oral health only when your child is undergoing severe dental problems. If you ensure the proper oral health of your child, try to imbibe effective oral habits in them.

Parents should teach healthy oral habits to their children from a young age. You can ensure the healthy teeth and gums of your child. Oral health has an impact on the overall well-being of the child. If the teeth and gums have some infection or issues, it will have an impact on the child’s digestive health. The misalignment of the teeth also causes chewing problems and speech problems.

If you want to avoid all such things, ensure that you take your child for a pediatric visit regularly. With a regular visit to a pediatric dentist, you can take preventive measures to maintain your oral health. The dentists will examine your oral components (teeth, tongue, gums) and let you know if there is any problem. If your child is suffering from some dental issues, you can start the treatment at an early age.

Besides all this, your child may face some dental emergencies. As a parent, you must be aware of common pediatric dental emergencies. When you are aware, it becomes easy to handle the situation.

So what are some pediatric dental emergencies? Let us understand them through this article.

Dental Decay

teeth decay in children

Your child might be developing dental cavities. But the symptoms are visible only when the oral condition of your child is severe. Without regular dental checkups, you cannot know about developing cavities. When it becomes severe, it causes unbearable pain and discomfort.

Sometimes, the cavities lead to tooth decay.

Moreover, the bacteria dwelling in the cavity spread the infection to the adjacent tooth and even gums. In such a situation, you need to reach out to the pediatric dentist to handle the emergency. Therefore, experts suggest opting for a dental checkup every six months.

Sensitivity In Tooth

When you eat something cold or hot, your teeth feel sensitive. It is something common. Most of us feel the same. But when the sensitivity is increased, it becomes a severe issue. If you feel sensitivity and pain while eating and drinking regular food or water, you need to visit the dentists at the earliest.

Pain And Discomfort In Tooth

Pain And Discomfort In Tooth

The chronic pain and discomfort in the tooth are called tooth decay. It can happen at an early age. If your child is not following healthy oral habits, then whenever your child complains of a sore tooth, do not ignore it.

There can be numerous reasons behind the sore tooth. Sometimes, the food gets stuck in the teeth, gum infection, tooth chipping, and others. You can ask your child to floss the teeth. If the pain prevails even after proper cleaning, consult a pediatric dentist. Delaying the dental issues may cause severe dental problems at a later stage. Moreover, the sore tooth can be a warning sign for other dental issues. So ensure that you ask your child to maintain healthy oral habits.

Fracture In Root

Another pediatric emergency that your child can face is a root fracture. You cannot see the root fracture through your eyes as it happens inside the jawbone. When your kid’s jawbone suffers from trauma, it causes root fracture. Your child would feel pain in the jaws and be unable to move it normally.

In such a situation, it is crucial to reach out to the best pediatric dentist. They will examine the condition of jaws through x-ray reports and will let you know the actual picture. After the detailed report, the pediatric dentists will suggest dental treatment for it.

Chipped or Broken Tooth

Kids are hyperactive and very playful. They love playing different sports. Due to this, there is a risk of falling and chipping the tooth. Sometimes your child may break the tooth. It is an emergency pediatric dental situation.


If you want your child to have a healthy body, focus on their oral health. When oral health is intact, there is no digestive problem. Moreover, your child’s mouth will not have any bacteria. Besides this, the child will not suffer from bite issues.