Every child can end up in a situation where there might be emergency dental issues, which demand immediate attention or treatment. In case a dental emergency issue arises, as a parent, you need to get your child an emergency treatment as soon as possible.

Handling dental emergencies can save your child from long-term dental problems when he or she begins to grow permanent teeth. Nonetheless, the reaction from your child coming home, blood dripping from the mouth and in tears, could be disheartening. Every parent understands this, and none can watch them go through this kind of excruciating pain alone.

Sometimes, if these emergencies are not treated as important, it may lead to dental trauma later in life. Listed in this article are some of the most common childhood dental emergencies that affect many growing children.

Knocked Teeth

This is also known as dental avulsion. A knocked-out tooth is when the child’s tooth completely forces its way out from its socket. This happens due to an odd accidental force, such as a violent collision during playing sports, a nasty fall from a push, or falling face down from a bike or over the handle railings.

Contact your kid’s dentist immediately without any delay if your child’s tooth or multiple teeth have been completely knocked out of his or her mouth. Do not expect the dentist to re-implant the knocked-out tooth, as this could cause further damage during the emergence of their permanent tooth. You can help your child by following these simple tips.

1.Find the tooth. First, recover the tooth and avoid touching it by the root, make sure not to scrape the tooth.

2.Wash gently under a slow running tap without the use of soap, hold the crown of the tooth and not any other part, do not try to fix the tooth on your own as it could cause further damage.

3.Keep the tooth safe by placing it in a container of milk; you can also place the tooth in saliva. This is because for re-implantation to be possible, moisture is extremely important.

4.Contact a toddler dentist in Weston for immediate help, or take the child for an emergency dental checkup. By taking these actions, there is a chance you can save the tooth.

Understand that during play or an accidental fall, both temporary or permanent teeth can be forcefully pulled or knocked out and left hanging in the mouth. Nevertheless, the best dentist in Weston Fl. can carefully handle this problem if only you treat it with utmost urgency.

The dentist is trained to treat cases like this, he can ascertain the actual dental treatment, he will conclude if whether the teeth need to be infused. Nonetheless, it is wise to carry out first aid before taking the child to save his/her tooth.



Toothaches happen often, and most times without an actual cause, many children develop toothaches due to compacts of food stuck between in their teeth, which can be gotten rid of if flossed. Other causes of toothaches may emerge from teeth eruption or tooth decay.

If it is the case of impacted food, this may cause a lot of discomfort in young children. If the food gets stuck to the teeth it can be taken off by using a clean finger, or brushing the area with a toothbrush, or using dental floss. If the ache continues, contact a professional pediatric dentist. While you wait for the dentist to arrive, do the following:

1.Gently clean the affected area using warm water, do not mount pressure or medicate it so that the gum will not be damaged in the process.

2.If an ache is caused as a result of impacted food, look for the area where the food has been impacted and try removing it with a clean finger.

3.Compress the outer part of the affected area gently with a cold medium to reduce swelling.

4.Take your child for urgent dental treatment if the pain does not subside, although sometimes tooth pain may subside without seeing a dentist.

Tooth fracture

When a tooth is broken, fractured, or chipped, the visible part, which is also known as the crown, is always affected. It may be mild or intense, but a fracture on the tooth will always cause extreme discomfort and an unusual feeling in the mouth or around the teeth for your child.

If the child fell and chipped his tooth, there is always an observable disappearance to show that a tiny part of the tooth has been sliced off. It is less noticeable if the teeth were cracked or broken. This is because the teeth still look good, and you won’t be able to tell if it has been broken unless the child complains of severe pains.

A fracture in the root of your child’s tooth may be caused by a single injury or trauma, and it is difficult to notice this by merely looking at it. If, in this case, you suspect a root fracture, take your child to a professional dental pediatrician for a dental x-ray.

By checking to know the cause of the child’s tooth pain, it will be easier to apply appropriate solutions to the problem, whether by treating, extracting, or monitoring the case until the child gets better. You may do the following while you wait to report this case to a dentist.

1.Put warm water in your child’s mouth and have him/her rinse it away. Do not add any mouthwash or any other medium to the water.

2.Gently place a cold squeeze on the face directing to the affected area, to reduce pain and swelling.

3.If the pain is severe, give the child pain relief pills to swallow, contact the dentist afterward.


Parents should always be prepared to deal with dental problems, which their children might face. In order not to scare the child, teach them to be calm whenever a dental accident occurs. Using the above tips, it can be easy to handle all emergencies without panicking. Always contact a professional dentist to give your child the best dental treatment.