Food and sweets are a common cause of dental problems both in adults and children. While adults can quickly take action and start dental treatments easily, the same is not true for children. Kids might have underlying dental conditions that may go unnoticed for some time.

Consequently, when such conditions surface, they are much worse. They may require intensive treatments, which might be the only option to save your child’s teeth. However, this can all be avoided, so your children live a confident and happy life free from dental problems.

We, at Sweet Tooth Pediatric Dentistry in Weston, Florida, take great pride in treating our patients. We treat them like family and want only the best for our young smiles. Let us share with you why we think dental sealants can help prevent tooth decay in children and help them live happy lives with bright smiles.

What are dental sealants?


Dental sealants, liquid based mixtures that solidify once applied to teeth. The mixture is carefully composed to not harm the internal tissue of the mouth, so it’s 100% safe for dental use. Once the teeth are dried by the dentist, sealant liquid is carefully placed onto the required tooth surface.

Life Expectancy

Dental sealants can expect to last anywhere from a minimum 6 to 12 years. During this time, the sealants will prevent build up of crevice gunk.


The main function of dental sealants in children is to prevent bacteria from forming in the crevices of the teeth and eating on the food particles stuck in such crevices. This bacteria is the prime reason why cavities start forming – and dental sealants by Sweet Tooth Pediatric Dentistry is a sure way to get cavity protection.

How are children at risk from tooth decay?

Children love food, especially sweets and candies – and these contain large proportions of sugar. Once exposed to the saliva, this sugar disintegrates and produces bacteria. This bacteria then starts feeding on the outer layers of the teeth, resulting in what is widely known as cavities.

If left untreated, the same bacteria grows and starts attacking other teeth. In severe untreated cases, this infection also leads to gum conditions which may lead to tooth loss.

The same principle applies to carbs as well – normal foods used everyday. These include:

  • Rice
  • Potatoes
  • Pasta
  • Beans
  • Lentils

These are all sources of carbs. The same bacteria can feed on the sugars from the carbs broken down after coming in contact with your saliva. This is exactly why brushing teeth regularly is always recommended by Sweet Tooth in Weston, FL.

How can children benefit from dental sealants?

Children teeth

Dental sealants offered by our Sweet Tooth clinic in Weston, FL, aim at protecting your child’s teeth so they can be free of plaque and stay cavity protected.

Children have molar teeth which have crevices in them. These bumps and down-slopes or craters have the capacity to host food particles. When food particles get stuck between these crevices, the saliva from the mouth comes into contact with them and produces acidic bacteria.

This acid is the primary cause of creating tiny eroding holes that grow bigger with time and cause cavities – that’s where the role of dental sealants come into play.

Dental sealants form a protective covering over these bumps and slopes on the molar teeth which prevent food particles from settling in. Thus, the acid produced from the saliva and food sugars does not sit between the spaces of the teeth. However, bumps and crevices are not limited to the molar region of the jaw only. Such areas and spaces can also be found in the pre-molar and canine regions of the jaw. Therefore, a full range of sealant treatment can be applied to protect against cavities for overall protection. Consequently, you can be assured that Sweet Tooth Pediatric Dentistry located in Weston, Florida, will perform the best dental sealant procedure for your child’s teeth to protect them from invasive cavities and gum infections. Your child will have the best protection for their dental needs.

How Sweet Tooth Weston helps your kid with dental sealants?

dental sealants treatment in sweet tooth weston

Sweet Tooth Weston is one of the prime pediatric dental care providers in the Weston area of Florida, USA. The dental sealant treatment performed by Sweet Tooth is safe for use and approved by the FDA and The American Dental Association.
The Centers for Disease Control & Prevention also recommend children aging 6 to 12 for using dental sealants to protect against cavity formation.
We will help protect the smiles of your children with our advanced sealant technologies. You can rely on putting the dental health of your child in the safest hands – a clinic who treats your child like family.


Dental sealants are a long-term dental solution that protect against cavity formation and gum diseases. That is why, Sweet Tooth Weston is one of the top-quality pediatric dentist services in the Weston, Florida region. Our treatments are safe for long-term dental solutions and the best fit to protect your child’s teeth so that they can have healthy and beautiful smiles.

If your child has a sweet tooth or loves food, you might want to book a dental sealant treatment at our clinic
Sweet Tooth Pediatric Dentistry in Florida so they do not have to face any dental complications in the future.