Young children can suffer dental problems, and this can be problematic for you as a parent. But when it is an emergency case, you can feel worse or almost helpless. No parent can watch their child suffer dental pain and not feel disturbed about it.

A pediatric dental emergency involves any sudden dental service given to a child to ease oral pain. Your child’s tooth damage can also be restored or repaired through these services. However, if left untreated, it can cause serious complications.

During any dental emergency, most parents are bothered about locating a pediatric dentist near their home. This issue is nothing to worry about since you can place a call to an emergency pediatric dental office or manage the situation on your own while you wait to take your child to the dentist. Some emergency pediatric dental care is as follows:

Emergency Pediatric Dental Care For Oral Discomforts In Children

Treating Toothaches And Other Oral Pressures.

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Any sudden feeling of discomfort in the mouth or any toothache should be considered an emergency. Parents need not worry as such dental problems can be treated by the best dentist in western fl. If there is too much pressure on the tooth, an emergency tooth removal is pertinent.

When your child falls accidentally or comes home from the playground with chipped, fractured, or avulsed teeth, this should require immediate pediatric dental care since the pain can be unbearable for the child.

Pain during wisdom tooth growth can be managed through comfortable dental pediatric procedures until your child suffers no more pain. If your child keeps complaining about severe pain and pressure on the teeth, find out if the pain is also felt around the ear, as this should require emergency pediatric care.

Emergency Care For Fractured Or Broken Teeth

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Children who are learning to walk can fall many times as they are unable to balance. It is common for these little ones to suffer a fracture or broken tooth, especially if they fall suddenly and face down.

Most children who survive the toddler stage without chipping their teeth may suffer this problem while engaging in sporting activities like boxing, running, soccer, etc. If your toddler or growing child has suffered a broken or chipped tooth, you should handle the situation as urgently as soon as possible.

The first thing you should do to handle this situation is to pick as many broken pieces of your child’s tooth. Afterward, cover the edges of the remaining broken tooth with dental wax. The wax helps to protect the mouth from getting pierced by the sharp edges of the broken tooth.

Emergency Treatment For Knocked-Out Teeth

Knocked-out teeth are also known as abused teeth, and they can occur when a child forcefully hits the teeth. In such cases, the tooth dislodges from its actual position. If this happens to your older child, first clean it up with warm water, and then you can gently push back the tooth into the socket.

Afterward, contact the nearest pediatric dentist as soon as possible because delay may lead to complications, and you would not want that for your child. If your child is still too little, do not try to push the tooth back into the socket. If you do, the child may swallow it.

Treatment For Sensitive Tooth

Tooth sensitivity is not only felt by adults. Children can also experience it in the worse kind of way. There is often a leading cause of dental sensitivity in adults. But in young children and toddlers, there are several causes of tooth sensitivity.

Most kids can suffer sensitivity on their baby teeth, and children who have started developing permanent teeth can have sensitive teeth due to cavity or dental injury. Nevertheless, it is good to have your child’s teeth evaluated by a toddler dentist in Weston.

Treatment For Tooth Cavity

Tooth decay, otherwise known as cavities, can occur on the teeth of toddlers and older children, and both temporary and permanent teeth can be badly affected. If you can have this problem treated by a pediatric dentist, your child will be cavity-free. If your child complains of severe tooth sensitivity or pain, take your child for a cavity examination.

Treatment For Dental Abscess

This condition of the teeth can be extremely painful for a child to bear. It is an infection that occurs in the root of the teeth, and it can cause a painful swelling in the gum, bad taste in the mouth, and severe fever.

You can contact an emergency dental pediatric office and schedule an appointment for your child. If you ignore the symptoms of an abscess in your child, it can lead to complications, and the infection can rapidly spread across other areas of the face.

Treatment For Loose Fillings

Children who are a little older can be given tooth fillings, and if they ever experience a missing or dislodged filling, it should be filled back immediately. This process can only be done only by a dentist. Therefore, you should contact an emergency dental care office and book a dental appointment for your child.

Treatment For Orthodontic Injury And Pain

Older children and teenagers who have an already developed permanent tooth can wear dental braces to straighten their malocclusion. However, discomforts can set in once in a while during this treatment process.

Your child may get a cut from the metal braces if the wires are sticking out. To solve this problem, contact an emergency pediatric dentist. They will help stabilize any situation relating to this issue, and your child will feel better.


No matter how severe your child’s dental case is, you can apply emergency care and have the best pediatric dentist near you examine your child and give an appropriate treatment. At the pediatric emergency office in Sweet Tooth Weston, fl., all the experts are trained to help young children achieve perfect oral health. If your child ever needs emergency attention, never neglect it or try to render help on your own.