Everyone is aware that milk teeth and secondary teeth are different. Have you ever thought about why we lose our primary teeth or why some children grow adult teeth more quickly than others?

We are a specialist pediatric dentist in Florida. We can help in every dental treatment for children’s teeth, gums, and other issues. Furthermore, we have received specialized training in providing dental care for children and teenagers. We know the characteristics that make each child’s mouth distinct and how their teeth will change as they age.

It can be challenging to pique children’s interest in their teeth at a young age, as the parents of our patients at Sweet Tooth Weston Pediatric Dentistry are aware.

However, there is a tonne of fascinating and unexpected information you can share with kids to interest them. You can tell them about the way their teeth grow and work. In this manner, they will know why their front tooth becomes wobbly and may anticipate getting their new, adult teeth.

Children gain confidence and are more willing to flash their toothless smiles. The essential thing is that they understand how their bodies function.

Here are seven entertaining dental facts that you (and your children) may not be aware of.

1. Everyone Grows Two Sets Of Teeth During Their Lifetime – Primary And Secondary:

Okay, this has already been discussed somewhat and is generally known. But did you know that our baby teeth, or initial set of teeth, have fewer teeth than our adult teeth? Around six months old, when we have 20 baby teeth, we start to build our permanent teeth. Our adult teeth, or second set, have 32 teeth. They begin to erupt between the ages of 6 and 12.

2. Every Kid Have Different Teeth Structure:

Teeth are not all made equal! The four different types of teeth that humans have to allow us to bite, chew, and ground food. Each category serves a unique purpose.

Our food is sliced into little bits by the sharp incisors present at the front of the mouth.

The sharp, pointed canines help to grip and tear food.

They are present in the corners of your dental arch.

Premolars are only present as adult teeth and feature a flat biting surface for breaking down food.

Last but not least, the largest surface on our teeth, the molars, aids in breaking down and mashing our food into digestible pieces.

3. Your Teeth Are Just As Distinctive As Your Fingerprint:

Most of us are aware that each of our fingerprints is individual. The same applies to your teeth (and your tongue print). Even if you have an identical twin, no one else on earth has the same set!

You must take good care of your teeth since they are unique and yours.

4. Your Body’s Hardest Organ Is Your Tooth Enamel:

Yes, your teeth’s enamel is more durable than your bones or muscles.

Enamel contains calcium and phosphate like your bones. But it also has high proteins and crystallizes that give it additional strength.

Your teeth’s enamel creates the outer layer, acting somewhat as a shell to guard against injury and deterioration.

5. You Have Teeth That Resemble Icebergs:

Your teeth are not entirely visible to the human eye. Because one-third of your teeth lie under your gums, caring for your gums is equally crucial as caring for the visible portion of your teeth. You should always include brushing and flossing in your daily regimen, since doing so will maintain your gums healthy. In fact, if you don’t floss, you’re losing up to 40% of the surfaces of your teeth!

6. YOUR Saliva Could Fill Two Swimming Pools:

Saliva In Kids Mouth

You heard correctly! Over 25,000 liters of saliva get produced by your mouth throughout your lifetime. Although it may sound disgusting, saliva is quite significant. It aids in food digestion, enzyme breakdown, and bacterial protection of our teeth.

7. Smiling Is Easier Than Frowning:

children's dentist in Florida

It always requires more muscles to frown than smile, although the precise numbers are unclear since they vary from person to person (and smile to smile). Additionally, research shows that grinning more makes you happy. Turn that scowl over down and flash that gorgeous smile instead. The entire world will return your grin.


If these amusing and fascinating facts about children’s teeth have motivated you to safeguard your child’s teeth, make an appointment with a dentist to ensure that their smile remains healthy. Calling 954.384.8888 will allow you to schedule an appointment with Sweet Tooth Weston Pediatric Dentistry if you’re searching for a fun, welcoming children’s dentist in Florida.