The general consensus is that dental disease takes root in the early formative years and during pregnancy, so early detection may banish early occurrence of dental problems in the first three years of life. The initiative Healthy teeth. Healthy baby is a campaign to teach pregnant mothers about the seriousness of dental tooth decay and educate the parents that early detection will prove effective during the foremost three years of life. This campaign is all geared up for communities of color and recent immigrants being a part of EDDPI ( Early Dental Disease Prevention Initiative).

Thus as an ode to caring mothers who in the very formative years take care of baby’s teeth and in bargain, reduce the pain and misery caused to infants and toddlers from tooth decay is sought.. Yet the major entities at the receiving end including healthcare infrastructure by and large, while reducing the number of instances of children impacted by early tooth decay.

Early childhood caries or tooth decay is the most common type of tooth decay in children in the U.S. Early childhood caries can appear as early as six months when the child is still a baby. This type of decay can arouse severe pain in the child and in a major way alter the speech, learning, sleeping and playing for the worse.

Almost one-third of children have caries by the time they enter kindergarten and early childhood caries (ECC) is five times more common than asthma, more common than early childhood obesity and 20 times more common than diabetes. The EDDPI initiative provides answers to parents of toddlers and infants and to caregivers on the burden that dental diseases have on the healthcare infrastructure and alleviate cases of dental decay and bring down the impact of infant tooth decay.

Healthy Teeth. Healthy Baby. centers around five key messages:

  • Comprehend the estimation of pre-birth oral wellbeing
  • Check and clean your infant’s teeth to forestall cavities
  • Strengthen your child’s teeth with fluoride
  • Feed your infant sound nourishment
  • Take your infant to a specialist or a dental specialist when the primary tooth shows up, or no later than his/her first birthday celebration.

The Healthy Teeth. Healthy Baby marketing records are accessible to the community without paying a single penny. Download the materials for free.

Joint effort with dental and healthcare providers

Joining hands with the primary care and consideration and general wellbeing community is fundamental, particularly for destitute children who frequently experience roadblocks in getting dental consideration. A well-infant visit can help bridge the gap when there isn’t access to dental care.. A definitive objective is to interface every baby and little youngster to a dental home giving constant access to proper preventive daily practice and remedial dental consideration.

Wrapping Up:

Dental experts and non-dental healthcare experts, similar to medical caretakers, nurses and doctors, all assume roles in Healthy Teeth. Healthy Baby. While giving continuous consideration to youngsters less than three, they can keep on tutoring kids, guardians and parental figures, and help forestall early dental malady.