Tooth cavity is a health issue of the teeth that can cause damage to both adults and children. Progressive decay may lead to the death of a tooth, thereby causing the tooth to fall out.

Tooth decay is something to worry about, no matter how old you are. According to United Nations Agency that coordinates international health activities, it is advised that a limited amount of sweetened food and drinks should be present in the daily energy intake of a toddler.

Almost all juices and sodas contain a high amount of sugar, which is unhealthy, especially for children. Parents and teachers should concentrate on giving a child healthy nutritional diets as well as Vitamins to enable them to grow up stronger and healthier. Many drinks may be bad for your toddler, thereby causing their teeth to look less than perfect.

How Soda Affects Toddler’s Teeth

Every time your toddler drinks soda, the sugar present in it forms mutual actions with bacteria in the mouth to bring about dangerous acids that will damage the child’s teeth.

Whether it is sugar-free or ordinary sodas, they still include their elements of acids that make the teeth look poor. Every single sip of soda your toddler drinks is a welcome call to harm their teeth. If they drink such beverages every day, bacteria would be waiting constantly to attack, eventually, decay sets in, and their teeth begin to fall out.

Since it is the acid content in sugar that causes tooth decay when your toddler consumes sugar, you must monitor your child’s sugar consumption. Try to avoid sugar as much as possible so that microorganisms in form of bacteria will stay off the mouth of your child. The bacteria will not be able to use any form of sugar as an element of their energy, thereby reducing the acidic contents that weaken the enamel and prevents inorganic materials from affecting the teeth of your toddler.

The result of drinking excess soda is not pleasing as it causes painful aches caused by holes in the teeth, the decay of gums, tooth cavity, and rot.

How to Avoid Havoc Caused by Soda

The best option is to stop consuming soda. Do not give your toddlers so much soda-based drinks until it becomes an uncontrollable habit. To help them control the intake of soda, you should do certain things to reduce the risk.

1.Let them drink a moderate amount of soda, not more than one soft drink at a go.

2.Ensure they gulp quickly without gargling it in their mouth, the longer the soda stays in the mouth, the riskier it is to the teeth. If they drink very fast, the acid in the sugar will not have time to penetrate the teeth and cause havoc.

3.Make certain they wash their mouth with ordinary water after every sip of soda. This drives away the sugar from the mouth and crumbles its form of an attack on the teeth of your toddler.

4.Do not give them soft drinks before they retire to bed, the damage will be too intense, as bacteria will work well, causing damage to their teeth while they sleep.

5.Visit a toddler dentist in Weston with your child at least two times a year to check for any damage to the teeth.

General Steps to Avoid Tooth Damage from Excess consumption of Soda and Juice.

It is okay to give children sugary treats occasionally. However, having them consume sugary soda and juices all the time is dangerous to their dental health.

As parents and guardians, it is your responsibility to choose for your children, low or no sugar drinks and juices.

The most crucial drink for your toddler should be water since water is healthy to the teeth and flushes away micro bacteria in the teeth and mouth. It also improves salivation, which enables moistening of the tongue.

A good way of making your child drink a lot of water is by squeezing juicy fruits into the water. This will bring about an interesting taste without any addition of sweeteners and other unbeneficial mixtures.

Another relevant beverage to give your toddler is milk. It contains carbonates and enriching vitamins, which are nutritious and important for building healthy teeth and strong bones. It also contains phosphates that aid inorganic elements that have been eaten off by other food elements. Be all-out for giving the children only milk with little or no added sweeteners.

Washing a child’s teeth after drinking juice or soda is important. It frees the mouth from producing harmful bacteria caused by acidulous elements in sugar. It is needful to wash the teeth and mouth with water after consuming sugary beverages because the teeth are responsive and sensitive, especially after taking sugar.

Anytime you give your toddler soda or juice, let it be in a small quantity. Do not allow them to consume too much so that it will not damage their teeth.

Adding water to the juice or soda before giving it to your toddler will help reduce the concentration of acid that is contained in sugar. Encourage your toddler to drink soda and juice from a straw as this will not allow sugar to remain on the teeth.

Some Unhealthy Beverages Your Toddler’s Should Not Drink

Mocktail drinks should not be given to toddlers since sweetening additives are added to the juice, and may contain unhealthy elements that could cause tooth decay.

Beverages known as “Fruit juices” sold in packs contain a lot of sugar and only a small amount of nutrients. They contain a lot of sugar and little or no energy.

Cranberry juices are a little unhealthy for your toddler because they contain a lot of sugar and fewer amount of nutrients.

Iced tea is all sugar, and your toddler should not drink it because they cause a dental cavity. Give the child unsweetened tea that is not sensitive to their tooth. Tea contains amounts of polyphenols, which helps in getting rid of microbial bacteria.

Healthy Drinks you Should Give Your Toddler

Healthy Drinks you Should Give Your Toddler

Excluding sweetened drinks from your toddler’s diet is best for them because it enhances and maintains the oral health of their teeth.

Give your toddlers homemade blended fruits that are 100% without additives or sweetening ingredients, especially those containing nourishing vitamins such as vegetables, oranges, and berries. Neutralize the juice with water before giving it to your toddler. Replace soda and juice with whole milk, water, smoothie, soy, and strawberries.

What Are the Best Drinks for Children’s Teeth? 

What Are the Best Drinks for Children’s Teeth_

Water is the most beneficial beverage for your toddler’s teeth. First, it contains fluoride especially water gotten from the tap, secondly, it washes off soda from the teeth, thereby preventing sugar from sticking to the teeth.


Encourage good oral hygiene, teach your toddler how to floss their teeth properly, especially after every intake of soda and juice. Help them if they find it difficult to brush on their own. Supervise every intake of sweetened food. If your toddler must have sugary treats, it should be in a minimal amount only and occasionally. Teach your children to floss two times every day, teach them to brush gently without hurting their gums. If your toddler is suffering from tooth damage caused by juice or soda, you should visit the best dentist in Weston Fl. to get it resolved.