Tooth decay in children can be embarrassing. You can help your child prevent this dental problem by providing your child with adequate guidance to good oral care. Most children who have already met the dentist early can have a different approach to tooth decay.

Tooth decay in children can be repaired, but you should know that when this happens on the baby tooth, it might also lead to loss of teeth if the decay is severe and completely wears off the tooth enamel.

Your little one can pass through childhood with a perfect smile if you help your child gain some necessary measures toward keeping the teeth away from cavities. There are approved tips to prevent tooth cavities in kids, they are helpful tips, and you may want to apply them to your child’s dental care

Teach Oral Hygiene To Children While At Home

Oral hygiene is one of the best preventive measures to be practiced at home. As a parent, you are responsible for giving the child some lessons on proper teeth cleaning. Teach them by example hence, daily brushing for two times.

Toddlers may struggle with brushing their teeth all by themselves, and some may not want to brush their teeth at all. If your child does not like brushing, do things that will enforce the habit, you can buy them beautiful toothbrushes that are embellished with their favorite cartoon character or gift them after every successful brushing.

Teach the older kids the right techniques for a good oral cleaning, teach them to brush the teeth twice daily, using the right angles, and to floss at least once a day to get rid of plagues hidden in the tight areas of their teeth and to brush their tongue thoroughly to avoid mouth odor.

Teaching oral hygiene to kids sets a good foundation for both theirs dental and overall health. Always ensure that the brush your child uses to clean their teeth has soft bristles and is small enough that it can clean the inner or back teeth.

Teach Your Child To Avoid Swapping Bacteria Through Eating Tools

Let your child be aware that bacteria can spread orally through sharing of beverages and food. By taking used eating tools like spoons and bottles, bacteria can get swapped into the mouth of your child.

Take Your Child For Routine Dental Checkups

It is necessary and highly recommended to go with your child for an annual checkup. Introduce the child to the family doctor as soon as they get their first tooth. Continue taking the child to the dentist at least twice a year. Let this become a routine you grow up with for life.

During the dental appointments, your young child will be given an oral examination, teeth sparkling, dental deep cleaning, low radiation x-rays, and get recommendations for fluoride treatment. Some pediatric dental offices excite the children with the prize during their routine visits.

Fluoride Treatments

pediatric dental care

Being a natural mineral, fluoride is recommended and proven to hinder tooth decay in both children and adults. It works by improving the tooth enamel and by helping the teeth to withstand plaques and acid.

According to a study, children who are given fluoride treatments can only develop about 35-40% fewer tooth cavities when compared with children who are not given the treatment. Fluoride treatment is recommended for children and should be given every 6 months.

During your dental visit with your child, the dentist will first clean the child’s teeth, after which fluoride is painted on the teeth. The fluoride always has a fun flavor. You can also use fluoride at home by applying a pea-sized fluoride toothpaste for the child to brush the teeth.

Dental Sealants

dental sealants

This is one of the best tips for preventing tooth cavities in children. Dental sealants can help in protecting the pits and grooves on the surface of the teeth, where chewing is done. Since that area has to be protected for a while, the risk of cavities is reduced.

Sealants are usually applied as liquids to the area teeth that are to be protected. They become hardened and provide a protective barrier for the teeth. Those who are likely to wear dental sealants are toddlers who are still learning to brush properly on their own. They need dental sealants since they may not achieve a good result by simply brushing or may not reach the corners of the teeth where food particles are hidden.

Reduce Consumption Of Starchy And Sweetened Food And Beverages

Acidic erosion will happen in the mouth if your child consistently consumes starchy and sweetened foods. A lot of sugar in some food and beverages can be edible and enticing for little ones. But the sugar soon breaks down to acid contents that mix with the accumulated bacteria in the mouth to form a tooth cavity.

If sugar must be consumed, it must be occasionally, and you should teach your child to rinse off soda and beverages with water immediately after drinking and brush their teeth to get rid of particles left behind after eating sweetened and starchy foods.

Provide Healthy Food To Strengthen The Teeth

You can swap sugary treats with healthy food when feeding your child. Give the child food items like vegetables and fruits. Let your child have a lot of water-dense vegetables and fruits as it keeps the mouth hydrated. When they eat vegetables and crisp fruits, the production of saliva in the mouth is greatly increased, preventing the invasion of bacteria in the teeth.


Children can have strong and healthy teeth if they are guided in the right way possible. Tooth cavity in children can be a result of poor hygiene, choice of food, lack of fluoride treatment, etc.

Your child should not have any reasons for going through adulthood, trying to fix back their teeth due to childhood neglect. Let the child be guided now while they are young and grow into adulthood without any dental struggles.