It feels so good seeing our kids do well, in school, at home, or in social gatherings. There is this confidence a child exudes each time they know they are in good condition. This same confidence is also built when they have healthy oral conditions. It flows naturally. One of those who help to make this a reality for the child is a Pediatric Dentist.

A Pediatric Dentist specializes in the oral health of a child, be it an infant, toddler, or adolescent. As long as the oral health of a child is concerned, a pediatrician can help keep it in a good condition. It is the pediatrician who offers treatment for all sorts of teeth infections or diseases in a child.

Children are always at risk of Tooth decay. This is as a result of the things their teeth are exposed to. The healthy condition of a child’s teeth can help build the child’s confidence. This is why most informed parents are intentional about helping their children live healthy lives. Children are to take to the dentist the moment their first tooth erupts. Paying a visit quite early to the pediatric dentist will help inform the patient how well the child’s teeth will grow, and it also helps the child become accustomed to the dentist, and the fear of going to the hospital will be minimal.

Pediatricians are specialists. They are skilled in making children as comfortable as they can get while taking them through the process. But before we begin to talk about the treatments a pediatric dentist can offer, we have to first know the kind of problems they treat.

Problems Pediatricians Fix

There are several problems the pediatrician takes care of. As long as it relates to a child’s teeth, they can attend to the problem. These oral problems in children are:

1. Tooth decay

Tooth decay is a predominantly oral problem in children. Children and their love for sweetened meals; snacks, beverages, chocolates, juice, starchy foods, and lots more. Due to how frequently they indulge in these kinds of food, their teeth become prone to decay.

Tooth decay is when the affected tooth turns brown or black. It gets worse and inflicts pain on the child, some of which are unbearable.

2. Cavities

Cavities in a child are when the affected tooth has holes or deep pit, which sometimes extends to the root of the tooth. Cavities are also referred to as caries. They come with a lot of excruciating pain and discomfort to the child. They are caused by the activities of bacteria in the mouth of your child.

3. Misaligned Teeth

This is yet another oral problem in children, the misalignment of their teeth. You may have seen the teeth of some children looking scattered or not well arranged in the mouth, right? This is a result of improper misalignment of the teeth.

This misalignment results in a lot of issues for the child. It could either lead to an open bite, under-bite, overbite, or crossbite. The child will find it difficult to chew or crush his meals properly.

4. Speech Impairment

This is a result of a misaligned jaw. This happens when the teeth are not well-formed. It has a way of affecting the speech of your child. When you take your infant to meet with the pediatrician, they will examine the child. This is when they will inform you of the condition of the child’s teeth, gum and jaw or if treatment is to be conducted on the child or not.

Dental Treatments Given By A Pediatric Dentist

A pediatrician does not only carry out an oral examination on the child’s teeth, gum, or jaws. They also prescribe the most suitable treatment plan for them. It is advised that parents follow through with the plan to get a good result, and these treatment plans vary from person to person. The dental treatments given to children are:

1. Fluoride Treatment

pediatric fluoride treatments

This is a kind of treatment that is given to a child to prevent decay or cavities. This fluoride treatment serves as a preventive measure. When the pediatric dentist finds out that the teeth are getting weak or there is a tooth that is about to decay, the dentist immediately recommends a fluoride treatment that will help strengthen the weak teeth.

2. Braces

children braces weston florida

This is another treatment plan for children that have misaligned teeth. Some teeth are crooked and crowded. They are responsible for the difficulty in biting. These bite issues can be resolved through braces, either through traditional braces, plastic, or invisible braces. They are designed to fit the child’s teeth so they will be properly aligned. They will take a while though to come together. The result is long-lasting.

3. Extraction

This is the treatment plan for those teeth that are decayed. In order to avoid the further spread of this decayed tooth, extraction will be needed. Extraction involves pulling the affected teeth out of the gum. The pediatric dentist will provide the child with numbing medication so the child will not feel the pain while the tooth is being extracted.

4. Filling

There is yet another treatment plan for treating dental problems in children. For that tooth or teeth that have cavities or are chipped, not at the same level as each other, they will be filled to complete them.

5. Sealants

Sealants are also a kind of treatment given by the pediatric dentist. Sealants are recommended when the parent wants to protect the molars from storing up plaque through leftovers hanging on them. The molars will be sealed during this treatment.


Every child needs a pediatric dentist that will be responsible for their oral health. No parent would enjoy seeing their child experiencing low self-esteem as a result of something they could have avoided from occurring if they had been intentional with the child’s health.

Unhealthy oral conditions of a child can keep him away from his peers or people for fear of being mocked. Help your child own his confidence by contacting a pediatrician today.