With increasing dental issues in kids, it is essential to monitor the oral hygiene and habits of your children. Inculcating good oral habits in kids will prevent dental health problems and maintain teeth and gum strength. Many parents find themselves in a dilemma while maintaining perfect oral hygiene for their children. According to dental experts, using dental sealants help in protecting your child’s oral health. But before you get dental sealants for your kids, get complete information about them.

Researching dental sealants and understanding everything about them is essential.

  • Why are dental sealants crucial?
  • How do dental sealants work?
  • Why do dentists suggest dental sealants for children’s oral health?
  • What procedures do dentists follow for dental sealants?
  • If you are a parent and worried about your child’s oral health, we are here to help you.

    We have performed extensive research on dental sealants and got you covered. Based on the information provided in this article, you can make an informed decision.

    What Do You Mean By Dental Sealants?

    Dental Sealants

    Dental sealant refers to the plastic resin in liquid form. The dentists apply dental Sealants on the surface of the molar teeth of kids. The kids must be over the age of 10 to 12 years. Dental sealants are applicable for molar teeth because they are prone to getting attacked by harmful bacteria. Moreover, these teeth have a high risk to develop cavities that remain unidentified for long. Besides, the molar teeth have deep grooves making it easy for the bacteria to breed.

    Dental sealants act as a protective covering over the grooves and prevent the breeding of bacteria in the deep pits. It will prevent tooth decay or the formation of plaque.

    What Is The Science Behind The Working Of Dental Sealants?

    The Working Of Dental Sealants

    The design of the dental sealant is to cover the chewing surface of the molar teeth. It will help in preventing the build of food particles in the teeth. This in turn will prevent the germs and bacteria to grow in the deep pits of the molars. With delta sealants, it becomes easy to keep the teeth clean and germ-free. Sealants are effective in preventing dental cavities or tooth decay.

    What Are The Different Types Of Sealants Available In The Market?

    Usually, your dentists would suggest fluoride-based or dental sealants.

    What is the difference between the two kinds of sealants?

    Most often, parents assume that fluoride sealants are better than dental sealants. But it is a misconception. Dentists use fluoride sealants to enhance their effectiveness of dental sealants. Just application of fluoride sealants will not provide the desired results.

    If you want your child you have sealants, choose dental sealants. They are effective and efficient in protecting the molars.

    In What Way Does The Dentist Apply The Dental Sealants?

    The application of dental sealants is quick, efficient, and painless. During the initial visits, the dentists will conduct oral health examinations to know and understand the condition of oral health of your child. Based on the results, the dentists will ensure where and how to apply the dental sealants. The application procedure of dental sealants does not involve any drilling or teeth removal. Here are some simple steps your dentist will employ for applying dental sealants.

    1. The first step would include proper cleaning of the teeth with a toothbrush and paste.
    2. The dentists will ensure that the teeth are completely dry before the application of dental sealant.
    3. The dentist will clean the saliva from the mouth during the application procedure. The dentist will apply the sealants and let them dry completely. The dryness will improve the bonding of the sealants to the molars. Now clean the surrounding area (teeth and gums).
    4. Verifying the application for the sealants: The dentists will check the hardness of the sealants to ensure proper bonding. If the sealant is hard enough, it will be effective in preventing the build-up of food particles and germs in the area.

    For How Long Do The Dental Sealants Remain Effective?

    The service life of dental sealants depends on many factors. The dental sealants remain effective for at least five years. Sometimes, dental sealants have a service life of 10 years. It depends on the bond between the dental sealants and the molar teeth.


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