Dental problems are on a rise in children. Exposure to synthetic juices, candies, chocolates, oily food, and fats causes a wide range of dental issues. Your child may suffer from tooth decay, cavities, gum infections, tooth sensitivity, and various other dental problems. Besides this, children express misalignment in teeth, broken teeth, and toothache. When your child experiences such dental issues, whom will you consult? Will you reach out to a pediatric dentist or your family dentist? We usually find a parent in a state of confusion while deciding between a pediatric dentist or a family dentist. Generally, parents make a decision based on the severity of the dental problem. If the dental issues are mild and can be treated, consult a family dentist. Whereas if the dental issue is severe, consulting a pediatric dentist becomes a necessity.

Do you think, this is the correct way to make such important decisions? How will you know who is the best for your child? Before you decide, it is essential to know the difference between the two. The distinction will help you in making an informed decision for your child.

What Are The Education Differences With Pediatric Dentists And Family Dentists?

People use family dentists as the group of general dentists they can consult for all the generic dental issues. The dental issues include headaches due to toothache and other issues. Moreover, a family dentist is the one who can provide treatment to both kids and adults. When it comes to the educational background of a family dentist and a pediatric dentist, there is a difference. For a general dentist, it is essential to complete graduation from a dental school, and get proper training and license from the state authorities. Unless the dentists have a license authorized by the government, they cannot practice or open their clinic.

For a pediatric dentist, it is crucial to graduate from dental school. Besides, it is essential to complete a specialization in pediatric dentistry. The training session teaches them how to handle the dental issues of kids, infants, and teenagers. Following the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, pediatric dentists should complete the residency program. In the residency program, the pediatric dentists gain training and learn a lot. The training includes advanced diagnostic and pediatric surgical treatments and procedures. Besides this, the dentists learn about child psychology, oral pathology, child-associated pharmacology, child-radiology, psychological child development, and more.

What Do You Mean By Board-Certified And Licensed Pediatric Dentist?

Licensed Pediatric Dentist

Pediatric dentists who are board certified have better education background than other pediatric dentists. Thes dentists have completed exams conducted by the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry. These exams include written and oral both. The professionals verify the skills, and knowledge of various principles of pediatric dentistry.

Why Must Parents Consult Pediatric Dentists For Their Kids?

Here are some of the reasons explaining why you should take your kids to a pediatric dentist.

1. Pediatric Dentists Understand Child Psychology:

One of the simple reasons to consult a pediatric dentist for your child is because they have specialized training to handle child-related dental issues. Pediatric dentists undergo a lot of practice sessions for handling dental issues. They understand child psychology and include different treatment methods for children.

2. Pediatric Dentists Have Specialized Educations And Training To Handle Children:

pediatric dental clinic

Your family dentists do not have any specialized practice or training to handle the kids. They treat them just like adults. But children are not grownups who can understand the graveness of the treatment. In the specialized training program, the pediatric dentist learns about treating the kids and providing them with the best treatment.

3. Children Have Different Needs Than Adults:

The dental problems in kids and adults are different. Moreover, they constantly need moral support during the treatment.

Pediatric dentists employ friendly ways to understand child’s problems in providing treatment to them. Handling premature teeth growth and gum issues are the forte of a pediatric dentist.


Now you have understood whether to consult a family dentist or pediatric dentist for your child. Pediatric dentists have a better position when it comes to providing treatment to your child for dental issues.If you are searching for a pediatric dental clinic or care center, consult Sweettooth. The pediatric dentists are highly professional and provide the best dental treatment to your child.