Children might only understand the essence of getting dental sealants once they age. When you roll your tongue above the corners of your teeth, you will feel the narrow grooves on the surface that helps you chew; the premolars and molars. While your grooves make chewing effortless through powerful pulling and grinding of the teeth, they are the main sources of food, acids, particles, and plague hideouts.

Your child’s teeth are susceptible to cavities without sealants. But, both young and older individuals can use sealants, especially those who cannot pass a day without eating sweet substances. It can worsen in children if they develop permanent molars and premolars. Kids need dental sealants because they can help in solving cavity issues. But first, you should understand what Sealants entail and why your child should get them.

What are dental sealants?

What Are Dental Sealants

Dental sealant is a painless treatment procedure that protects a patient’s chewing surfaces from trapping and accumulating food bits that might cause severe cavities. Your child’s dentist can coat sealants on the surface of growing molars and premolars.

What materials comprise dental sealants?

Dental Sealants Materials

Most parents worry about what is contained in dental sealants and wonder if they are safe for their children. Sealants are safe for anyone as they comprise resin-based and plastic-made substances that are not harmful to health. At Weston Kids Dentists, some qualified experts can offer this protective dental treatment to your child.

They paint sealant to teeth to seal off grooves and pits of chewing surfaces. Sealants act as protective barriers between teeth and bacteria, food particles, and acids. So, with dental sealants, your child can only hear about cavities, but it will not happen to them because there are no harmful and direct bacterial penetrations that can lead to tooth decay.

When is the right time for kids to get sealants?

The best time you should consider taking your child for dental sealant depends on when the child starts replacing milk with permanent teeth. At Weston Dental, your child’s dentist can suggest sealing the first permanent back tooth of the kid, otherwise called the 6-year molars, and the second molars are also known as the 12-year molars. This means the dentist will seal the teeth as soon as they erupt, helping your child to pass through childhood or up to the teenage and adult phase without cavities.

If you have a young one who struggles with proper teeth cleaning or has a sweet tooth, the dentist can seal the child’s premolars. While dental sealants are more effective in kids than in adults, it is for everyone who desires to stop bacteria invasion. After all, nobody wants to suffer the consequences of tooth decay. If you are interested in getting sealants as an adult, you can discuss it with your dentist and get the procedure after a dental evaluation.

What benefits will a child enjoy with dental sealants?

There are so many benefits of getting dental sealants, but the most significant one is that they protect a child from tooth decay problems or cavities and futuristic treatment that might be expensive and invasive. A study by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) showed that dental sealants could prevent cavities by up to 80% at the back of the teeth, while about 9 in 10 tooth decay and other problems can occur in people without sealants. Aside from this outstanding benefit, dental sealants are a fast procedure and affordable and painless.

How does sealant application work?

At Weston Dental, your child can have this painless procedure in quick brief steps. First, your child’s dentist will paint the tooth with gel to roughen the area. Once the gel application is firm, the dentist will wash the gel off and dry the area before coating the tooth with a porcelain or resin-based sealant. The dentist uses expertise to apply dental sealants within 15 minutes.

How long can a child wear dental sealants?

According to a report by the National Institutes of Health, children can wear sealants for up to a decade and more. The sealants can become weak over time and even fall off the mouth. But you can bring your kid to the best dentists in Weston Fl for proper dental evaluation and teeth cleaning before sealant coating. The dentist will follow up on the treatment every time you visit with your child to ensure the sealants remain intact. If the sealant falls off and the damage is not so bad, sealant repair is possible. However, the dentist can also replace them.

Is it safe for a child to get protective dental sealants?

It is very safe for your kid to get dental sealants, especially on teeth that have not yet accumulated any form of bacteria invasion. This means your child should get them when they develop brand-new permanent bites. The sealant will not stop the teeth from growing well and will not trap any decay under the protective material.

In some cases, even if a person gets dental sealants after showing cavity signs, there is evidence that claims that sealants can stop the progress of cavities on that tooth. However, dentists first perform teeth cleaning for people with suspected tooth decay before coating the molars.

Is it expensive to get dental sealants?

Sealant treatment costs depend on the number of teeth a dentist needs to seal. Fortunately for many people, dental sealants are preventative treatment measures. This means that dental insurance plans usually cover the cost of treatment. Therefore, you can help your child stay cavities-free and save them from invasive issues over time.


Now that you understand how helpful it can be for your child to get dental sealants, Weston Dental can help your child on the journey to maintain healthy oral health. Your little one can enjoy painless teeth cleaning and teeth coating on molars and premolars for affordable rates.