Children are the most vulnerable people who experience bad breath or tooth decay; this is a result of the things they frequently consume. It is the responsibility of the child’s parent to guide them right on how to maintain healthy oral hygiene. Not to worry though, there are several treatments that your child can undergo to help keep their teeth healthy, and Dental Sealants are one of such.

Bacteria is a trouble for any person, be it a child or an adult. It is even worse with children in terms of their teeth. This is because their teeth are still in the process of forming, which makes them susceptible to bacteria. Children are very good at playing with their hands, but they have no inkling as adults do to know that to touch and what not or when to put their fingers into their mouths and when not to or even what to put into their mouths and what not to. Because of this, they expose their mouths and teeth to bacteria and infections, which later grow or become plaques.

Understanding the Structure of a Child’s Teeth: The Molars

The teeth of a child are weaker or simply put, more delicate, unlike an adult’s firmer teeth. Some children grow their permanent teeth quite early. At most, from age seven, they would have grown a complete set of teeth, including their molars, for effective chewing. These molars are the strength of the teeth. They play a good role in crushing any hard or stubborn food. You must know that they are more prone to bacteria attacks, which eventually cause cavities and decay.

Due to the role the molars play in the teeth, which is to crush any stubborn food, they are more likely to get rotted if they are not well taken care of, unlike the other teeth. The molars are rough, hence their ability to tear down hard food items. They are not as smooth as other parts of the teeth. They grow in the hidden region in the mouth, and because of how they function; they more often have food particles hanging around them.

This is why the child’s parent ought to ensure that the child brushes and flosses regularly to reduce the presence of leftovers on the teeth. Although most times, it does not matter how strong the bristles of a toothbrush may be, there are stubborn food particles that will not leave the molars easily, no matter the amount of energy that is exerted. This is where dental sealants come in handy.

Dental Sealants and Their Benefits in Children

You can not go wrong with dental sealants. Sealants are highly recommended for children by the pediatric dentistry of Weston. Sealants play a vital role in serving as a protective shield from cavities in children. As you cannot rely on the toothbrush, dental floss, and your children’s brushing pattern to prevent the damage that can be caused by leftover food particles on the molars, so we can try to prevent the food particles from staying on the teeth through dental sealants.

These sealants serve as a preventive measure from food particles. This is because those food particles tend to cause the buildup of plaques on the molars, which eventually results in tooth decay or removal. The sealants are usually made of plastic; they are placed on the surface of the molars to seal and smoothen the rough surfaces. The idea behind this is to ensure that no matter how many foods are crushed by the molars, they will not leave any particles behind that will endanger the teeth.

Bacteria and plaques do not thrive on teeth that have been sealed or have sealants on them. Although, as parents, you have to be mindful of your children’s oral hygiene. Applying dental sealants does not mean that you should ease off from being intentional about their regular teeth brushing and flossing at least twice a day. Rather, maintaining healthy oral hygiene for your child will help keep the sealants effective.

The Benefits of Dental Sealants are:

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1. It Ensures Healthy Molars

Dental sealants help to keep your children’s molars healthy. Due to the responsibility of the molars to the teeth, it is always at risk to plaques and cavities, but when sealants are applied to them, they stay healthy and free from food particles or bacteria buildup. In any case, where there happen to be leftover particles in the region, they are easily wiped off with a mouthwash when there are sealants.

2. They Help Prevent Cavities

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The appearance of plaque on a child’s teeth results in cavities. Cavities are not friendly. They inflict pain on the child and may eventually result in the removal of the affected tooth. To save your child from the stress of treating cavities or undergoing tooth removal, dental sealants come in handy.

3. It Helps Prevent Unplanned Expenses For The Parents

Treating a cavity, decayed or rotted tooth of your child requires finance, some of which are expensive and unplanned. For you to save your money or avoid excess expenses for your child or children is to have them get a dental sealant.

4. It Helps Prevent Bad Breath for Your Child

Plaques are not only responsible for causing decay of tooth rot. They are also responsible for causing bad odor in the mouth. The build-up of plaques is what emits the harsh odor from the mouth. If this is not controlled, the self-esteem of the child can be affected when the child is in a public space.


Dental sealants are painless and easy to apply. They do not inflict pain on the child while they are being applied. They can help you prevent unplanned expenses on the health of your child. They are long-lasting if well maintained. Do well to fix an appointment with us. We have the best dentist in Weston, Florida, who can help apply the sealants onto your child’s teeth.