Every parent wishes to have healthy and balanced life for their kids. You provide nutritious food to your kids that provides them with all the required minerals and vitamins. But what about oral health? Is it not crucial for your child?

It is a common thing that we do feed our kids nutritional food to maintain their physical health. But forget about oral health. The mouth is the entry point to the intake of food and beverages. If the mouth is not clean, the bacteria will grow inside. Besides, tooth strength and gum health decide whether your child is able to chew the food properly or not. Just like physical health, you need to take care of the oral health of your child. According to expert pediatric dentists, you must ensure that it is necessary to provide kids with all the nutrients that can help in enhancing their oral health.

With the intake of essential vitamins and minerals, you can maintain a beautiful smile on your kid’s face.

Here is a list of all the essential vitamins and minerals that will help you to enhance the oral health of your kid.

#1 Calcium:

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It is one of the most crucial components that will strengthen the oral health of your kid. Usually, we associate calcium with bone. Well, it’s true! You can associate calcium to improve the strength of jaw bones. Apart from that, calcium is also essential for improving the functioning of tooth enamel.

The enamel is a protective layer on the teeth. It prevents tooth decay and maintains tooth strength. According to expert dentists, tooth enamel comprises calcium. With calcium intake, you can make the enamel layer strong. It will be strong enough to defend against the bacterial infection on the gums, and the teeth. Your child will never suffer from tooth decay or cavities. Besides, you will be able to enhance the bone strength of jaws. With this, you can prevent misalignment of teeth when the jaw bone is strong. Therefore, you must provide food rich in calcium such as milk, nuts, and soy.

#2 Vitamin D:

Vitamin D intake is essential as it supports the absorption of calcium and other minerals. The crucial functionality of vitamin D is to absorb calcium from the food and deposit it on the tooth enamel and jaw bones. Besides, vitamin D is essential to enhance bone density. If you want your child to prevent all the gum and jaw bone infections, provide them with food rich in vitamin D. You must know the food items that are a rich source of vitamin D. It includes milk, cereals, eggs, red meat, and bread.

#3 Potassium:

When you plan a diet for healthy teeth, do not forget food rich in potassium. Potassium exhibits properties similar to vitamin D.

It is healthy for increasing the jaw bone dentist and tooth strength. Besides, potassium is known for being defensive against bacteria. It is essential to consume food rich in potassium to enhance the defensive power of the dental system in our body. When the food intake is unhealthy, the acidic content of the body increases. Your mouth experiences acidic levels increase. Due to the excessive acid, the tooth enamel gets destroyed. To gain high potassium from the food, provide dairy products to your kids.

#4 Phosphorus:

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You may know that phosphorus is an essential mineral to support physical health. Apart from this, phosphorus plays a significant role to enhance the defensive power of the tooth enamel. It will protect the teeth from harmful bacteria to prevent plaque. It is also helpful in protecting teeth from tooth decay and cavities. Maintaining oral health is essential for everyone. If you start measures from a young age, it becomes easy to prevent varied dental diseases. Providing food rich in phosphorus prepares the body to improve the internal functioning of the dental system. You can feed seafood, red meat, salmon, and beans to your kids.


It is essential to provide the right vitamins and mineral-rich food to your kids. Vitamins and minerals help kids to have a healthy oral system. It will help you to maintain the perfect oral health of your kid. You can consult the best pediatric dentists at Sweet Tooth to guide you. They are highly experienced and suggest to you all the food that is rich in essential vitamins and minerals.