Whenever you consult a pediatric dentist or raise concern for your child’s oral health, they would suggest you opt for toothpaste and mouth rinse comprising fluoride. According to tot the experts, fluoride is crucial when it comes to maintaining a kid’s oral health. Why do you think fluoride is so important for maintaining and improving oral health.

So let’s understand what role fluoride plays in ensuring your child’s better oral health.

What Do You Mean By Fluoride?

Fluoride is basically a basic mineral that can be easily found in most natural resources such as soil, water, and various food. This mineral is used to manufacture a wide range of toothpaste and mouth rinse solutions. The power of fluoride is to prevent the germ/bacteria build up in the mouth and fight against the cavities. Usually, tooth decay is a slow process, and you won’t even know that your unhealthy eating habits can cause tooth decay. If your child is not maintaining proper brushing and flossing habits, it becomes easy for bacteria to breed inside the mouth.

Besides inculcating good oral habits in kids, you should ensure that they are using toothpaste that contains fluoride. Moreover, you must visit pediatric dentists to get periodic fluoride treatment for your kids so that their teeth become stronger. The fluoride can decrease the acidic level in the mouth and allow the body to fight against the bacteria that cause cavities.

Fluoride is not just used for preventive measures but also for fixing a wide range of dental issues. Sometimes, the government adds fluoride minerals to the drinking water. It can help the public at large and take proper measures to mitigate widespread dental complications.

Although you are getting fluoride from the drinking water and food, external fluoride supplements and applications can help in maintaining the overall oral health of your child. Your child can make use of fluoride in different ways. For instance, the given below are the common things through which you can use fluoride.

  • Toothpaste

  • Mouth rinse

  • Chewing tablets

  • Drops

If you are consulting a pediatric dentist, you would be recommended a wide range of gels, foams, pastes, and varnishes that can be applied to the teeth to ensure that your teeth are strong.

Why Do You Think Kids Require Fluoride?

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Fluoride offers a wide range of benefits to enhance the child’s oral health. Here are some of the crucial advantages listed below.

  • It helps in preventing tooth cavities and decay.

  • Flouride mineral helps in developing the enamel of the tooth.

  • It helps in building gum and teeth strength.

  • Fluoride provides protection against tooth damage and a wide range of dental complications.

  • With the help of fluoride, you can instill healthy oral habits that can stay with your kids always.

You Can Incorporate Flouride To Enhance The Benefits:

Although fluoride offers a wide range of benefits. But that does not mean that you can keep using it in excess. If you are allowing your kids to use it in excess, it can lead to fluorosis and other issues. Due to fluorosis, the kid can develop wide lines or specks on the teeth. Therefore, you should monitor the usage of fluoride when your kids are brushing and flossing. Help them learn to rinse their mouth properly, to remove the debris and excess fluoride from the mouth after brushing.

Even while getting fluoride treatments for your child, the pediatric dentist would ask you certain questions and then start the treatment. Kids below the age of 6 should not get any extensive fluoride treatment. If your child is above 8 years old, the pediatric dentists would limit the treatment (2 to 3 in 6 months). For teenage kids, you can increase the number of fluoride treatments based on the dental report.

You Can Enhance The Protection for Your Child’s Teeth With The Use Of Flouride

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Although fluoride can increase the effectiveness of oral health by keeping the bacteria away. But the user should not be in access. It is always better to consult pediatric dentists before you start external fluoride usage to improve your child’s oral health.


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