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Fluoride has been shown to dramatically decrease your chances of forming cavities by working to make your tooth’s enamel more resistant to acid attacks. Fluoride varnish can be easily wiped on your child’s teeth at the end of their preventative care visit and will remain on their teeth overnight to provide the best outcome for your child’s smile. It is best to avoid hot beverages and crunchy foods on the day your child receives pediatric fluoride treatments.

How does fluoride work?
Fluoride is an element and it occurs naturally in some water supplies. When it is taken in the proper quantities on a routine basis it helps prevent tooth decay. When the teeth are forming, it helps make them strong. It then helps the teeth in the mouth by making weaker areas stronger. It is most effective when combined with a healthy diet and good oral hygiene.

Will my child need fluoride supplements?
If there is decay present during an examination, Dr. Erin may decide on a topical prescription fluoride that is brushed on the teeth every night. She will consider many factors before prescribing an at-home fluoride treatment for your child. She will want to know if your water supply has fluoride in it, and you may need to check with your water supplier to see if you have fluoride in your water.

How safe is fluoride?
Fluoride is documented to be safe and highly effective in the fight against tooth decay in the recommended dosage. Research indicates water fluoridation is the most cost effective method.

What are topical pediatric fluoride treatments?
Topical fluorides are recommended following all dental cleanings as the tooth will readily “absorb” it at this time. It may be done by any number of methods, foam, gel or varnish.

Both the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry and the American Dental Association recommend fluoride treatments following every prophylaxis (cleaning) and some kids may benefit from topical fluoride treatments more frequently. Your insurance may not pay for it every time, but we recommend treatment based on your child’s specific needs and not on insurance coverage.


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