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Computer controlled Local Anesthesia delivery system

The Wand® STA is another excellent example of our efforts to bring you the latest dental technology, and to help our patients have a more pleasant, positive visit to our office.

If it is necessary that your child requires a local anesthetic for their dental treatment, Dr. Erin may utilize the The Wand® STA.

The Wand® STA doesn’t look or work like a traditional syringe. The Wand® STA utilizes a computer microprocessor to dispense the local anesthetic at a slow, optimal flow that minimizes the awareness that the injection is even being administered. A beeping sound lets the children think that they are participating in a computer game.

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Cavity Preparation System

Hydro Micro Abrasion is one of the most exciting and innovative advances in dentistry today and our office now offers this drill-less technology in the early treatment of dental cavities.

A microscopically fine powder is carried to the tooth by a stream of air and water, gently spraying away decay. In a simple sense, you could say it works like a precise miniature sandblaster.

It is now possible that your child may NOT have to experience the vibration and sounds of the dental handpiece.

Thanks to this new technology, Dr. Erin can provide your child with attractive, tooth-colored fillings faster and easier than ever before.


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I took 2 of my three boys in today for their 2nd visit to Dr Erin. I can honestly say that when I picked up my third son later in the afternoon and he learned of his brothers dentist visit to sweet tooth he was immediately mad he did not go. Great office design, great staff and the kids beg to go to the dentist!

– John T.

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